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Moving Preparation Checklist(s)
  • Utility/Phone disconnections for two days after your load date
  • Disconnection of appliances with water or gas lines
  • Special handling of large/sensitive items (e.g., Plasma Flat Screen TV)

  • Ensure that it is legal and physically possible to park transportation equipment at your residence
  • If needed, get permission from a property manager or local authority to park equipment for loading/unloading
  • If needed, arrange to reserve an elevator for moving day

  • Drain waterlines/hoses and all items that hold water
  • Dispose of flammable, explosive, caustic and corrosive substances (See list of items that cannot be shipped, below)
  • Immobilize washing machine tub with washer lock or other suitable material
  • Isolate items you/your family will want/need while your goods are in transit
  • Secure inside and outside pets; make sure they are out of movers way
  • If you have not purchased the Plus service, it is recommended to purchase supplies such as rope and moving blankets/pads to help protect your goods.

  • Empty/Clean refrigerators and freezers. Allow 2 days to air dry
  • Outdoor grills; purge propane tanks and hoses
  • Empty and clean garbage cans that you plan to move
  • Drain fuel/oil from lawn mowers, trimmers, motorcycles, etc.
  • Pathways; clear all debris from walkways and steps

Doing your own packing
  • Save old newspaper for padding/buffering
  • Use moving boxes designed for items that may get soiled/damaged (e.g., mattresses, mirrors, pictures, breakables, etc.)
  • Use cloth or paper pads designed for moving to wrap items not in boxes
  • Packing is the most time-consuming activity in moving. Plan extra time to make sure that you get the job done
  • Make sure all boxes are in "Ready to Move" condition (Taped shut and labeled)
  • Remember: Any packing materials supplied on moving day will cost extra
  • Consider: Having experienced Movers pack sensitive items to preserve damage coverage

Saving Money
  • Sell, donate, give/throw away all things you do not want/need
  • Bring items in storage or elsewhere to your residence to avoid extra pickup charges
  • Pack as many of your goods as you feel comfortable
  • Find a source of used packing materials
  • Consider using mattress bags (vs. cartons)

On Moving Day
  • Be there or have a representative available to supervise services
  • Hand carry all expensive or irreplaceable (jewelry, cash, photo albums) and fragile (CD, DVD's, and computer disks) items
  • Thoroughly check house, yard, out buildings, etc. BEFORE transportation equipment is sealed to ensure that everything has been packed/loaded

List of items that cannot be shipped
Fuels/Oils Paints/Varnishes Paint Thinners Insecticides Aerosol Cans Matches
Propane Cleaning Chemicals Fire Arms or Ammo Perishable Goods Food In Glass Jars Pets
Liquid Bleach Plastic Containers Live Plants Bins (Totes)