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Moving Staffers Plus – Movers and Packers

Experienced Movers and Packers
When you need extra moving assistance, it's important to choose your movers and packers wisely. After all, the quality of their work can determine the success or failure of your move. The movers and packers at Moving Staffers provide the experience you need to ensure a successful, stress-free move, at a price you can afford.

Choosing Packers and Loaders
Standard Service
If you need help just with the heavy stuff, Moving Staffers' basic moving services, offering hourly packers and loaders, may be sufficient. If so, our online moving labor selection process works perfectly. It's fast, easy, and affordable. You select from a list of movers and packers in your area and manage the number of hours you want to pay for. It's a great way to manage your moving budget and still get the experienced movers you need.

Plus Service
If you have a large move with valuable household items, or you just need experienced packers and loaders to do it all, you may need more than an hourly moving labor service can provide. When that's the case, instead of paying an hourly loader rate, get "unit-based" pricing with Moving Staffers Plus.

What is unit-based pricing? It's simple - Moving Staffers determines your moving cost by how much space your shipment occupies, not how long it takes the packers and loaders to do the job. Whether you use a container moving option, a rental truck option, or another self-move transportation solution, Moving Staffers can provide Plus Services at competitive rates. Since your packers and loaders aren't constrained by the number of hours spent on the job, you save money.

Your Moving Staffers Plus price also includes the packing and loading supplies your packers and loaders need to safely move your belongings.

For more information, rates or to book Moving Staffers Plus movers and packers, call 800-658-7292 and a knowledgeable Move Coordinator will gladly assist you.